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Rules of Examination and Promotion

  1. Term end examinations are not only the method of getting promoted in next class. Students are judged by different activities which are taken in the form of FAs. There are two terms in a session called SA1 & SA2 (SA1 in the month of October & SA2 in the month of March). Promotion to next class is granted after considering all the FAs & SAs.
  2. Absence from any of the Test, Examination involves loss of marks grades. He/She may not be considered for any proficiency prizes.
  3. Students absent form any test/Examination will not be re-examined.
  4. Promotions will be decided on the performance of the students throughout the year.
  5. Grade 'D' or 33% is the minimum pass in every subject. Grade ‘E’ means failure in the subject.
  6. If a student fails in the same class for two successive years. He/She shall not be allowed to continue in the school.
  7. If a student is absent for the examination on medical grounds he/she should produce a valid medical certificate to the School Authorities in advance.

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